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Whether you work in design, construction or facility management, FM:BIM can help you get rid of the headaches and waste of entering and sharing building information.

FM:BIM can help AEC firms:

  • Develop new revenue streams

    With FM:BIM you can maintain the model for your clients and publish BIM data and floor plans to a simple, easy-to-use Web-based system for space and occupancy, maintenance, and more.

  • Differentiate your services

    With FM:BIM, you can provide a rich base of data about the building to your clients, enabling a smoother handoff of information and helping the owner streamline commissioning, jump start maintenance processes, and plan for occupancy.

  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with key clients

    Buildings never stop being built. With FM:BIM, your firm can help clients navigate those changes by managing the BIM models, helping you maintain an ongoing partnership with your clients to drive down the lifecycle costs of the building.

FM:BIM can help facility professionals

  • Manage space and plan occupancy

    Facility managers can build a detailed and accurate space inventory based on your BIM models, helping your clients make more efficient use of their real estate and significantly reducing costs.

  • Manage and maintain building equipment

    Facilities professionals can populate maintenance management systems with building equipment information from your models, avoiding the costly and time-consuming tasks involved with keeping an accurate inventory of equipment.

  • View floor plans from BIM models

    Everyone in your client's organization can view color-coded floor plans published from your models in a Web browser, helping your clients understand how they use space and quickly locate building equipment.

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