FM:Systems has provided universities such as James Cook University, University of South Australia and Southwest Regional TAFE WA with products to streamline space utilisation reports to ensure appropriate state funding.

Whether our client’s needs to manage accurate and defensible space utilisation data for Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) or provide one-click reporting on space and physical assets according to TEFMA standards they can rest assured knowing that FM:Interact gives them the power, ease of use and control they need to get their jobs done.

Having accurate space, asset, operational and integrated data from other campus systems are critical to managing a campus. FM:Interact enables higher education clients to:

  • Improve space utilisation: Increase the value of facility data and plans by providing access to key personnel to interact directly with CAD floor plans and campus data via a standard Web browser
  • Gather Higher Education General Information Survey (HEGIS) information: Improve your F&A rate by easily gathering HEGIS and other post-secondary space usage information and associate to principal investigators
  • Maximise ICR: Access reports showing grant, department, occupancy and room use for audits from governmental or other external funding sources
  • Streamline space surveys: Automate approvals and workflows by utilising easy-to-use Web forms to accurately track space usage and occupancy to track grants, utilisation and other key facility benchmarks

FM:Systems specifically developed a module called FM Survey which is designed for universities and other larger nonprofit organisations managing facilities, grants, and sponsored research.