Reduce Owner Costs by Leveraging LOD with BIM

BIM provides many benefits to the building design and engineering by improving collaboration for all parties involved- Architects, Engineers, and the Building Owners. Currently the process is geared toward communicating design intent - information about materials and systems. However, it's important for owners to make the most out of BIM's capabilities early in the project lifecycle. Building Owners need to get the information they need for their facility system Space, Maintenance, management, and budgets down the road. One key way that owners can participate in, and benefit from BIM, is by requesting LOD specifications at the beginning of a project.

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The Benefits of Life-cycle BIM for Facility Management

BIM has transformed architecture, engineering and construction. However, the great potential of BIM is to provide accurate, timely, and relevant information not just during design and construction for a single building, but also throughout the life-cycle of an entire portfolio of facilities. The use of BIM technology in the operational phase of a building’s life-cycle is just beginning to take hold as building owners look for new ways to improve the effectiveness of their facility operations.

The most recent McGraw Hill Smart Marketing Report on the business value of BIM for building owners which was completed in 2014 said that 84% of building owners in the US and 95% of building owners would be adopting the use of BIM for all new construction within 2 years….which is now.

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Better BIM for AEC Consultants, Constructors and Building Owners

Owners have looked to BIM to streamline handover of data, for use in the Facilities operational life-cycle. But many handovers are still not delivering value and accurate data! Owners and AEC partners need new tools and processes focused on quality Information – the “I” in BIM.

It’s a fact that AEC companies have made BIM a central tool for their businesses, and BIM adoption is over 70%, Most major AEC companies are using Revit, so why aren’t owners benefiting? One key reason is that the drivers for using BIM, doesn’t necessarily align with better data for owners.

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BIM Trends - Facility Perspectives Vol 9 No 2

In today's world of the web, mobile technology and sophisticated technology, building information models (BIM) are required for design, construction and now operations. Buildings are now manufactured, not built, and the sophistication carries through to the operations phase, where more information, better technoloogy and tools are required. The question becomes, "What if we don't have BIM, or the tools to use the information?".

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Internet of Things - Facility Perspectives Vol 10 No 3

There is an increasing interest and hype around the Internet of Things (IoT), which is now gaining momentum across the AEC/FM industry. According to Wikipedia, a British entrepreneur first used the phrase 'internet of things' in 1999 to reference a global network of radio-frequency identification device (RFID) connected devices. Since then, the definition of IoT has expanded to include wi-fi enabled devices, which can be located in many places including vehicles, buildings and the wider environment.

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