BIM & CAD Services

For a fully successful IWMS implementation, a key factor is fully integrating your facility and real estate information with the spatial data in your BIM or CAD drawings.

With the use of a web browser, the information in FM:Interact can be communicated throughout an organisation in reports or colour-coded floor plans. Often, these images help bring the facilities “to life” with concise information shared in a easy-to-understand format.

ASt can assist connect your BIM, or polyline your CAD drawings and link them to the FM:System database. This important step links the Revit Model and AutoCAD drawings to the database, and allows you to query both database and floorplan for any piece of information. We will work with you to apply the correct space classifications and functional codes to your rooms and measure your space according to FMA, TEFMA, PCA or your own organisational area measurement guidelines.

Whether provided directly from ASt, your preferred local A/E Construction firm, or by internal resources, a thorough understanding of these industry standard area measurement guidelines should be applied to allow accurate benchmarking with your industry peers.

For BIM & CAD drafting services, please contact Caddwest:
Caddwest Drafting