ASt Customer Training

ASt wants you to be as successful as possible and we know it all starts with training. We offer several options in various formats so you can select what works best for you and your team. Whether you just need to brush up on your skills or need to get fully revved up after an implementation, we've got the course for your skill level in an atmosphere that’s comfortable and convenient for you.

  1. Option One: Instructor-led Training

    If you learn best without the constant barrage of e-mails, maintenance requests and lines at your door, maybe the total immersion approach is the right option for you. The ASt training centre is located in Perth, Western Australia, at ASt's headquarters. ASt consultants lead the training in a classroom setting, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet other users of FM:Systems products. All attendees receive training manuals with excellent examples, challenging exercises, and tips and tricks to help you succeed faster.

    Unit 21, Rowe Avenue
    WA 6103
    Phone: +61 8 9367 2888

    For more information contact ASt

  2. Option Two: Group Training

    We’ll bring our consultants to you! You set the agenda, invite the attendees and provide the space – and ASt will do the rest. An ASt consultant will come to your location, bringing training manuals and setting up virtually on computers you provide. For rates, availability and more information, contact ASt.

  3. Option Three: Distance Learning Lab (from FM:Systems)

    FM:Systems introduces the perfect solution – the Distance Learning Lab (DLL). Through their Web-based training system, you can now get the training you need – without ever leaving your office. The distance learning lab is provided by FM:Systems and is not associated with ASt.