Previous FM:Interact versions have introduced an array of functionality to the FM:Systems Integrated Workplace Management Suite. These features provide facilities and real estate professionals with the tools needed to effectively manage the most demanding building portfolios in today’s dynamic facilities environments.

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Room Scheduling

Room Scheduling

Room Scheduling provides employees and teams access to meeting space suited to their specific needs and includes the ability to look up and reserve conference rooms and meeting spaces based on size, layout and included amenities. This allows organisations to meet today’s rapidly evolving demands to manage employees who are highly mobile and can work any-time and anywhere.

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Support for Autodesk® A360 Viewer

FM:Interact’s BIM integration in the cloud with the new Autodesk® A360 Model Viewer allows our customers to take greater advantage of their Revit models for operations. A360 not only streams the entire building model quickly to PC Web browsers and Apple iOS and Android devices, it also includes the ability to view real-time information and data associated with the building elements.

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FMx5 Viewer

FMx5 Viewer

By leveraging the power of HTML5, floor plans in FM:Interact and FM:Mobile can now be displayed using the FM:Systems FMx5 viewer. The FMx5 viewer quickly loads large, complex drawings, which allows users to access their floor plans with greater speed and perform tasks from the floor plan with greater ease.


Multi-select, Edit and Vacate

With the FM:Systems FMx5 viewer you can now multi-select, edit and vacate rooms with just a few simple clicks. These features allow users to save time by quickly selecting and editing multiple records at once instead of individually updating the detail.

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Drag n Drop

Drag & Drop Assignment

In continuing to enhance the ease of use of FM:Interact, you can now drag and drop employees in order to change their current location. Whether it is on the same floor or between buildings the FMx5 viewer increases the efficiency of updating space assignments.

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Workplace Survey Application Module

A new module that allows teams to easily create surveys in FM:Interact and complete them on their mobile device. The WSA allows you to complete any type of facility assessment, from collecting information regarding space utilisation to employee satisfaction and performance of a workspace or asset.

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Workplace Survey


The FM:Interact Hoteling capability enables organisations to provide a method for allowing employees to reserve work space on an as-needed rather than a traditional constantly reserved basis. This can help to reduce the amount of physical space that an enterprise needs, helping to lower overhead costs while ensuring that every worker can access office resources when necessary. With the hoteling module, users can:

  • Improve use of flex space by scheduling and tracking usage
  • Display, track and manage room information in the space management module
  • Locate and book available hotel space by selecting from a list of spaces or identifying visually on a floor plan
  • Lower overhead costs by utilising excess space inventory
  • Increase employee collaboration and satisfaction
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BIM Asset Enhancements

The new BIM asset enhancements enables users to map attributes to an asset even if the category does not exist in the FM:Interact catalogue. This allows users to reuse maps across Revit models rather than recreating them for each model. With the new asset enhancements, users can:

  • Sync an unlimited number of asset attributes between Revit and FM:Interact
  • Speed up configuration of multiple models that use the same assets and properties
  • Map new categories to assets
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BIM Enhancements