New Features

FM:Interact offers new features and capabilities that will allow organisations to operate their facility portfolios more effectively by providing advanced business intelligence tools and unparalleled data visualisation.


Scenario Planning
Create a variety of floor plans with different seating assignments to see what makes the most sense and, more importantly, saves you the most money!

Scenario Planning

You’ve been hearing some whispers about it, but now it’s fully developed! The Scenario Planning module provides you with the ability to create, visualise and “try on” potential space situations, such as build-outs, expansions, reorganisations, consolidations or reconfiguration—so you’ll be prepared no matter what happens. (Read “What is Scenario Planning?” blog.)


FMx5 Markup & Measure

Markup and Measure provides users with the ability to draw and create spaces directly on the FMx5 floor plan. After you save, you can see those changes reflected in AutoCAD real-time. (This one is my personal favorite.)

This is a REALLY BIG DEAL. Instead of leaving the browser, uploading the drawings in AutoCAD, editing a few lines, saving and exporting, and reloading it back to FM:Interact, you make the changes directly in the software. This is really exciting stuff, folks.

FMx5 Markup Measure
Save time by drawing and measuring directly on the floor plan with our enhanced FMx5 Viewer
Change Data
Simple click on the area you want to change to, and fill out the Change Request form.

Data Change Request

To maintain the integrity of your Space Data, the ability to make changes are usually limited to Power Users and Space Planners. With the release of FM:Interact, general users are now able to request changes to space while allowing planners and administrators the ability to review, accept or reject those changes before they ever hit production.

This speeds up work flow, and decreases the amount of hoops you need to jump through to get an approval for changes.


Data Auditing

You now have the ability to track everything that happens to your FM:Interact data by having visibility into all data actions performed by system users. This gives you insight on why a record has been modified, who modified it, and when.

The historical view saves users so much time. Instead of going around and asking, “has this record been changed? Who changed that? Bob, did you change this record,” you can simply view the historical data and see a list of all actions. Now that’s handy!

Data Audit
View the historical data on any record you choose
3D Stereoscopic cameras update your occupancy levels in real-time.

FMx Sensors

Get real-time space utilisation analysis on your facility data with our integration with seat utilisation sensing technology and 3D Stereoscopic cameras. This gives organisations an unprecedented level of insight on how their facilities are really being used.

The management of your facilities is only as good as your facilities’ data. And with this new functionality, your data has never been this accurate.