Strategic Planning

The FM:Interact Strategic Planning module now has scenario planning capabilities which allow users to proactively plan for and manage change in their physical space inventory. The Scenario Planning features enable space planners to evaluate multiple planning scenarios with interactive stacking and blocking tools including expansions, reorganisations, consolidations, re-configurations and unexpected events such as environmental disasters that can have a sudden and unanticipated impact..

Power Your Space Program

Align your space portfolio with the business requirements of your organisation with the FM:Interact Strategic Planning module. Now like never before you can get a visual depiction of what your space and occupancy might look like years into the future. Scenario Planning capabilities provide you with best practices from your past combined with modelling for future change to ensure you get the most effective utilisation of your facilities over time.

  • Plan for and manage future facility needs with detailed cost analysis reporting for all your scenarios
  • Centralise your real estate portfolio by solving the problem of how to use real estate to house departments in the future
  • Pre-plan for drastic change brought on by unexpected events that can have an impact on your facilities
  • Predict future space requirements months or years out with multiple what if scenarios and space forecasting
  • Develop interactive stacking plans that let you graphically see how space is being currently utilised and how space requirements can be placed into both new and existing space
  • Accurately forecast costs based on historical information