Workplace Survey

Make an Asset of Your Assets

Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment. Do you have the tools to track them effectively? With FM:Interact’s Asset Management module you can link assets to AutoCAD and Revit blocks and families on floor plans for easy location, ownership and access to product information such as warranties and depreciation values, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes.

The WSA is extremely versatile and configurable, allowing you to complete any type of employee engagement assessment — from collecting information regarding workplace space utilization to employee satisfaction — all without an internet connection.

Simple and easy to use with no surveyor training required, the WSA stores collected project management data and provides you with a secure, consistent way to analyze and collect the facility information you want. The workplace survey software also allows you to tailor an unlimited number of surveys to address your specific workplace requirements.

Seamless Software Download & Set-up from WSA
  • Uses varying question types to allow employees to quickly and efficiently complete surveys
  • Assign surveys to specific users (including non-FM:Interact users) so they can easily navigate to the surveys that pertain to them
  • Save time by copying and editing existing surveys so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Import existing surveys from Excel
FM:Interact Providing an Easy-to-Use Software Interface
  • Start, pause and resume surveys at your own convenience
  • Conditionally display questions based on previous answers
  • Eliminate the need to fill out the same question in future rounds with persistent answers
  • Increase speed of surveys by using simple drop down or checkbox questions
  • Collect as much detail as you like with full text fields
  • Leverage the iPad or Android tablet’s camera to include photos in your survey

Drive Employee Efficiency in Your Workplace
  • Complete surveys when you are offline
  • Easily view the survey form and associated files on a split screen to eliminate switching back and forth between different screens
  • Upload results to FM:Interact for data analysis and reports
  • Generate automated reports on the fly