Space Manager

As a Space Manager you are expected to drive workplace design and strategies, and oversee space planning, furniture and move management within your organisation’s facilities. In this role you need up to date information at your fingertips in regards to occupancy, allocations and the movement of employees and assets.

With the FM:Interact Workplace Management suite of products you will be able to:

  • Manage your space, occupancy, furniture and asset inventory
  • Move management planning and execution, follow up analysis and benchmarking
  • Scenario planning and space forecasting for occupancy planning and move management
  • Coordinate planning and operational activities with other operational teams (IT, AV, Security, Food)
  • Develop, analyse and implement strategies for reducing operational costs, and provide economic analysis for planning alternatives while making recommendations for course of action
space management 1
space management 2

Real Estate Manager

Leased space, whether as the lessee or lesser, is paper and date intensive. The FM:Interact Real Estate and Lease Portfolio Management module of FM:Interact automates all your processes and gives you the bird’s eye view that can help you make better management decisions and reduce overall costs by easily viewing all your owned and leased properties, the square footage and other building information.

  • Centralize all real estate information by having all your lease agreements, financial terms and lease transactions in one place
  • Improve the management of your real estate portfolio and increase operational efficiencies by having key information available to everyone who needs it
  • Reduce real estate costs by analyzing property financial data and monitoring portfolio performance against key performance indicators and industry benchmarks
  • Easily run live reports and do in-depth analysis on past, present and future information such as historical costs and portfolio trends
  • Receive automatic email notifications on critical lease information and flag high cost properties to help eliminate costly oversights
  • Integrate other departments into the real estate strategy to avoid unnecessary expenditures

Move Manager

As a Move Manager you are responsible for overseeing and administrating the organisation’s move process, including tracking, scheduling and execution of moves. You are in charge of coordinating both project and non-project related moves and responsible for meeting with the end users to determine scope of move, furniture requests and office machines. You need to do all of this while still paying attention to special requirements and communicating move logistics to end users and service providers.

With the FM:Interact Workplace Management suite of products you will be able to:

  • Understand what your current and future vacancy
  • Coordinate with other team members like Space Planners, Project Managers and outside vendors
  • Identify available space and match to current requirements
  • Estimate and track costs associated with the move
movemanagement 1
movemanagement 2

Maintenance Manager

As a Maintenance Manager your responsibilities extend from managing vendors’ performance to assuring internal customer satisfaction. You need an easy way to automatically route and manage both incoming and planned maintenance, while at the same time keeping internal customers up to date on the progress of their work tickets.

With the FM:Interact Workplace Management suite of products you will be able to:

  • Maintain an inventory of building equipment with maintenance and cost history
  • Effortlessly coordinate supervisors, technicians, workshops and outside vendors to complete facilities maintenance tasks
  • Automate e-mail and Web messages to ensure deadlines aren’t forgotten and ensure quality control for the facilities maintenance process
  • Track and report on critical data associated with service requests, such as repair costs, response time, and work history
  • Provide self-service request forms and work order status views for internal customers
maintenance management 1
maintenance management 2

Sustainability Manager

As a Sustainability Manager you are responsible for making your buildings and organisation more environmentally friendly – but where do you start? How do you identify the projects that will achieve the right mix of environmental benefits and cost savings? What is our carbon footprint? And how much is creating a more sustainable workplace going to cost?

With the FM:Interact Workplace Management suite of products you will be able to:

  • Analyse building environmental impacts (energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, recycling, waste and others)
  • Integrate with EPA’s Automated Benchmarking System to calculate a buildings’ ENERGY STAR ratings, carbon footprint and more
  • Forecast sustainability projects’ financial impacts (net present value, internal rate of return, ROI, payback period) and environmental impacts
  • Manage building assessments and certifications using rating systems like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Globes, or BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)
  • Engage occupants and management with enterprise access to sustainability information and dashboards
sustainability management 1
sustainability management 2

Project Manager

As a project manager you’re responsible for making sure your projects stay on time and on budget. You need to keep internal customers, vendors and other team members up to speed on goals, milestones and next steps. From initial request and approval, through planning and construction phases, to project approval and closeout, you need to be on top of it all.

With the FM:Interact Workplace Management suite of products you will be able to:

  • Maintain and monitor status, budgets and schedules across multiple projects and locations, providing visibility to management and internal customers
  • Centralise project requirements from internal customer requests, facilities assessments and capital planning processes
  • Communicate project schedules and costs
  • Standardise processes by configuring forms, views and notifications to streamline project management and ensure compliance with business processes
  • Maintain a database of approved vendors and track vendor performance
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space management 2

BIM/CAD Technician

As a BIM / CAD Technician you are responsible for preparing the CAD drawings and Building Information Models (BIM) for your organisation. Whether you’re making minor updates to a floor plan or assisting in the planning of new construction in BIM you need quick and easy access to your CAD drawings and BIM.

With the FM:Interact Workplace Management suite of products you will be able to:

  • Have a bi-directional link with both AutoCAD and Revit BIM and your organisation’s IWMS / CAFM solution
  • Visualise organisational, departmental and asset information on the floor plan
  • Easily publish your CAD and BIM work to your Facility and Real Estate IWMS / CAFM solution
BIM CAD management 1
BIM CAD management 2

Facilities Manager

As a facilities director or manager you are expected to manage all aspects of facility operations for real estate and property under your care. Ensuring that your facilities run smoothly requires a broad view into your operations including maintenance, projects, moves, compliance, safety and more. In this role you need to have access to data and reporting quickly and easily which allows you to measure performance against established benchmarks in order to gauge the effectiveness of your operations.

With the FM:Interact Workplace Management suite of products you will be able to:

  • Access Dashboards to give you quick access to performance indicators
  • Run power visual reports utilising data across your facilities portfolio
  • Track your teams performance versus established Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
  • Gain insight into your project performance including cost and schedule
  • Cut utilities and resource costs by measuring the performance of your sustainability programs