Real Estate Manager

Leased space, whether as the lessee or lesser, is paper and date intensive. The FM:Interact Real Estate and Lease Portfolio Management module of FM:Interact automates all your processes and gives you the bird’s eye view that can help you make better management decisions and reduce overall costs by easily viewing all your owned and leased properties, the square footage and other building information.

  • Centralize all real estate information by having all your lease agreements, financial terms and lease transactions in one place
  • Improve the management of your real estate portfolio and increase operational efficiencies by having key information available to everyone who needs it
  • Reduce real estate costs by analyzing property financial data and monitoring portfolio performance against key performance indicators and industry benchmarks
  • Easily run live reports and do in-depth analysis on past, present and future information such as historical costs and portfolio trends
  • Receive automatic email notifications on critical lease information and flag high cost properties to help eliminate costly oversights
  • Integrate other departments into the real estate strategy to avoid unnecessary expenditures